I'm Sheikh. A UX Designer.

I have over 25 years experience of designing for the screen.

I create eye-catching interfaces that provide a functional user experience.

Clients include the Arts Council England, Bank of America, Tesco Mobile, O2 Telefonica, BBC Radio 1, British Telecom, BMW Group, Corbis, Hyperdub, Warp and Rephlex Records.

I'm currently a Senior UX designer at Exclaimer, who specialise in email signature management.

I was a Senior UX designer at Mimecast, a leading provider of email security for Office 365 users. Take a look at the case study.


Prior to that, I was the Lead UX designer over at Hyperoptic, an ISP providing superfast full fibre connectivity.


Product manager for aqKWa, an environmentally-aware engagement platform to help people save water.


Complete site design, build and deploy for Constructive, a new record label that releases an unspecified variety of music.


UX / UI for SendPath, an email messaging SaaS platform for enterprise-grade clients.


Designed and developed MainstreamFM, an online radio station.


Built a website for MIC, a London-based record label specialising in forward-thinking dance music.


As well as a site for much-loved North London eatery Mario's Cafe.

Mario's Cafe

I'm also co-creator of an e-commerce platform for digital downloads called Redux.


I design websites and mobile applications. My UX process involves research, wireframing and prototyping. I'm a whizz at Figma, Invision and Photoshop. I'm also a dab hand at HTML5 and CSS3.

Thanks for taking a look at my work. If you would like to hire me then please feel free to get in touch....

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Updated: 28th December 2022.