UI / UX & Front End Development- Sheikh Ahmed
I’m Sheikh. A UI / UX Designer and Front End Developer.

As a designer I create eye-catching interfaces that provide a functional user experience.

As a developer I write clean, elegant and efficient code.

My latest project is SendPath, an email messaging SaaS platform for enterprise-grade clients.

SendPath I also designed and developed Mainstream, a curated archive that collates over two decades worth of articles about electronic music... Mainstream ...they also have a sister site called MainstreamFM, an online radio station. MainstreamFM Designed and built a website for MIC, a fresh new London-based record label specialising in dance music. MIC As well as building a site for the much-loved North London institution that is Mario’s Cafe. Mario's Cafe I’m also co-creator of an e-commerce platform for digital downloads called Redux.

I design responsive websites for desktop and mobile. I also design web applications and mobile apps. I have experience in visual design, conceptualisation and wire framing.

My tool for designing is Sketch.

I develop front-end interfaces using HTML5 and CSS3. Knowledge of using frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap. As well as using CSS pre-processors LESS and Sass. I have industry experience in building email campaigns and I also extensively use the JavaScript library jQuery.

My tool for developing is Sublime Text.

I’ve also done projects for the Arts Council of England & Wales, Bank of America, BBC Radio 1, Save Water Save Money, British Telecom, BMW Group, Corbis, O2 / Telefonica and Tesco Mobile.

Thanks for taking a look at my work. If you would like to hire me then please feel free to get in touch....


+ 44 772 0772 898